Patent Litigation

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Our clients benefit from our team’s experience handling domestic and international disputes involving patent infringement, validity, enforceability and ownership. We regularly represent both patent owners and companies accused of infringement – from individuals to multinational organizations.

Many of Dickinson Wright’s patent litigators are registered to practice before the Patent Office and have technical degrees in areas such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, computer science, and aerospace engineering – giving us in-depth insight into our client’s highly technical issues. We often combine patent litigators and our top commercial trial lawyers to provide a team approach that is successful, efficient and economical. Our patent litigators handle cases including those related to utility patents, design patents, trade secrets, and ownership. Dickinson Wright has successfully represented clients with issues in a wide range of areas, including: renewable energy, vehicle components, vehicles wheels, vehicle mirrors, safety restraints, computers, computer software, medical devices, plastic injection molding systems, vehicle engine controls, electronic control systems, chemical compositions, sporting goods and aircraft components.

When early resolution is the preferred approach, our litigators craft settlements in our client’s best interest based on a thorough understanding of their goals.
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