Trade Secrets Litigation

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A company’s trade secrets go beyond the usual scope of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and necessitate a different more precise approach. Trade secrets can include anything from business plans to manufacturing methods to chemical formulations to recipes to software algorithms, and in the digital age, they are at a heightened risk of being stolen or misused by others on a global level.


From start-up companies to established corporations, Dickinson Wright attorneys assist clients spanning all industries including business, manufacturing, finance, radio, sports, music, real estate, insurance, health care, and beyond, in handling disputes that arise over trade secrets. We provide clients with effective dispute handling regardless of the size of the issue or the location of the contest.


Our Team


We are considered leaders in trade secrets litigation as our attorneys have created new Michigan law topics like the reach of the “inevitable disclosure” doctrine under the Michigan Uniform Trade Secrets Act. We have literally written the book on non-compete and trade secrets litigation, both in Michigan and nationally,  and we are frequently asked to speak on trade secret litigation. Additionally, our team is regularly recognized by Super Lawyers®, Chambers®, Best Lawyers®, and other leading evaluating organizations for their commitment to excellence and their bold client representation.


Our Services


Since prevention is most often preferred over litigation, our lawyers take preemptive measures to ensure a companies’ trade secrets remain confidential. We counsel organizations on how to protect their trade secrets from misappropriation and help them draft policies and agreements to prepare for the arrival of new employees and the departure of current employees. And, when a company is facing the unlawful theft of trade secrets, our litigators provide support and build a strong case under the provisions of the Defense of Trade Secrets Act Litigation (DTSA) and corollary state laws.


General Counsel: When possible, we focus our practice on prevention by assisting our clients with trade secret identification and by analyzing the enforceability of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements. Based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ business operations and objectives, we customize plans to effectively protect their most important and valuable assets.


Policies and Procedures: We help clients develop and maintain trade secret policies and procedures to manage their trade secrets.


Misappropriation Claims: When controversies over trade secrets arise, we handle them as swiftly and deftly as possible. Our trial attorneys have extensive experience in the area of preliminary and permanent injunctive relief in both federal and state courts, allowing us to vigorously and successfully represent our clients’ interests. We’ve stood on both sides of the table representing plaintiffs seeking to enforce their trade secrets as well as defendants who have been accused of trade secret misappropriation.


Often these types of disputes involve wrongful conduct that falls outside any contractual or statutory obligations, but our team carefully analyzes all options to help our clients make informed decisions and obtain the best possible outcome.

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