Trade Secrets Litigation

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Dickinson Wright attorneys have successfully litigated nearly every aspect of trade secret and non-compete cases. In the process, our attorneys have made new Michigan law topics like the reach of the “inevitable disclosure” doctrine under the Michigan Uniform Trade Secrets Act. Our attorneys also have literally written the book on non-compete and trade secrets litigation, both in Michigan and nationally. Our team is considered market leaders in this area: we publish nationally, wrote the seminal text in Michigan and are frequently asked to speak on trade secret litigation.

Dickinson Wright’s deep topical and practical experience provides our clients with efficient and effective dispute handling – regardless of size of the issue or the location of the contest. Our attorneys’ experience in trade secret litigation spans a wide variety of fields – including manufacturing, the financial market, the insurance industry, the radio industry and the real estate market.

Our trial attorneys’ have extensive experience in the area of preliminary and permanent injunctive relief in both federal and state courts, allowing us to vigorously and successfully represent our clients’ interests. In addition, these types of disputes usually involve wrongful conduct that falls outside any contractual or statutory obligations. Dickinson Wright’s considerable experience in business tort disputes provides our clients with added depth in our representation and gives us a leg up on the competition.

Dickinson Wright’s extensive courtroom experience enables us to meaningfully and realistically analyze and assess the enforceability of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, while helping our clients protect their most valuable business assets – client relationships, intellectual property or confidential business information – before a dispute arises. In today’s competitive business environment, this is more important than ever. Based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ business operations and objectives, we customize plans to effectively protect our clients’ most important and valuable assets.
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