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The experienced team at Dickinson Wright helps clients register and protect copyrights across all applicable types of work, including: books, computer programs, plays, paintings, photographs, motion pictures and sound recordings, among others. While copyrights are automatically granted upon authorship of applicable works, registering copyrights with the U.S. Customs Service or in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office provides additional protection, especially in cases of infringement.

Our experienced team knows the nuances of copyright law and regularly works with both organizations and individuals on a wide range of copyright-related matters.

Some of the copyright practice’s areas of expertise include:

  • Registering copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office or in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. 
  • Conducting investigations to determine ownership and registration status. 
  • Drafting work for hire agreements. 
  • Assisting clients with the preparation and licensing of derivative works and compilations. 
  • Litigating claims of copyright infringement. 
  • Addressing issues relating to the import and/or exclusion of counterfeit merchandise. 
  • Protecting copyrights on content accessible via the Internet. 
  • Protection of author’s ‘moral rights’ in Canada and under the Visual Artists Rights Act in the Unites States.
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