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In today’s digital economy as new technologies develop and the laws governing copyrights continuously evolve, businesses and individuals find it increasingly challenging to protect their creative works. Dickinson Wright’s cross-border Intellectual Property team understands the nuances of copyright law and works closely with our clients on a wide range of copyright matters. We regularly assist clients with the licensing and assignment of copyrights, derivative works, and compilations, while also addressing enforcement and litigation of copyright claims when necessary.

As a
 full-service law firm with offices strategically located across the U.S. and in Canada, we are well-positioned to assist you with all of your copyright needs including protecting copyrights in online content and protecting authors’ and creators’ moral rights in Canada as well as rights under the Visual Artists Rights Act in the U.S.

Our Services

Copyright Registration and Protection: We regularly help clients register and protect their copyrights for all types of work before the U.S. Copyright Office. We also help clients register copyrights with the U.S. Customs Service and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office to provide additional protection for applicable works, especially in cases of piracy and infringement. Our areas of proficiency include:

  •  Architectural Plans
  •  Music Compositions
  •  Books
  •  Paintings
  •  Computer Programs
  •  Photographs
  •  Consumer Products
  •  Plays
  •  Jewelry and Figurine Designs
  •  Sculptures
  •  Licensing of Derivative Works and Compilations
  •  Sounds Recordings
  •  Motion Pictures

Copyright Risk Management: The consequences of copyright infringement can emotionally and financially devastate an individual or organization. Our copyright attorneys work closely with their clients to develop copyright registration and protection strategies that effectively manage risks and prevent the abuse of copyrighted materials. We address issues relating to the import and exclusion of infringing works, ensuring that your materials remain rightfully yours. Additionally, we develop licensing strategies and prepare agreements that protect and maximize the value of our clients’ copyrights.

Ownership Investigations: Finding out whether or not materials are available for public use can be time-consuming and complicated. With deep experience conducting ownership and registration status investigations, our copyright team simplifies the process for clients. We handle all aspects from beginning to end, keeping you updated with each new development.

Copyright Litigation: Recognizing that litigation is costly and time-consuming, we take a proactive approach, helping our clients devise effective portfolio management and copyright enforcement strategies in an effort to avoid disputes. However, when litigation proves necessary, we vigorously enforce our clients’ copyrights and defend them against infringement and other copyright claims in courts at all levels throughout the country.

Entertainment and Music: Copyrights in creative works are key assets that enable songwriters, publishers and companies to thrive. We focus a significant part of our copyright practice across the entertainment industry, helping those involved in the creation, production, and management of the arts. Our team works across the full spectrum of the entertainment industry, from clients focused on artistic creation to those who work primarily with the business side of the industry. We represent clients within the music, film and television industries, as well as actors, authors, and comedians. 

Representative Case Matters 

Counseled clients regarding the clearance, prosecution, registration, licensing and enforcement of copyrights, trademarks and publicity rights, and the IP aspects of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances and asset purchases (including in connection with music catalog sales). 

Successfully represented a large international sports entertainment company in numerous commercial, trademark and copyright enforcement matters filed in state and federal courts, before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) and internationally. 

Developed a new copyright policy for a major museum’s online and public photography guidelines. 

Successfully negotiated settlements of copyright infringements of art works by a major fashion label. 

Represented digital music and video services in negotiation of music public performance and mechanical licensing agreements with U.S. and foreign collection societies and advised on related international copyright clearance matters. 

Negotiated and drafted recording, music publishing, book publishing, film, television, videogame and live stage production, live performance, talent, merchandising, sponsorship and endorsement agreements. 

Counseled clients in the areas of copyright, rights of publicity, domain name and internet-related issues. 

Litigation of copyright, trademark, unfair competition, and internet law matters.

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