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Today, where virtually any task can be initiated via smartphone, the demand for telehealth continues – not surprisingly – to rapidly expand. Health care providers, insurers, and patients alike are eager to experience firsthand the benefits of telehealth including convenience, cost-effectiveness, simplified communication, and reduced wait times. As telehealth is being integrated into health care settings, it presents new opportunities, along with a few challenges for those serving the health care market, whether as health care providers, vendors, insurance companies, or employers desiring to offer telehealth as part of an employee benefits package. At Dickinson Wright, our health care team stands at the forefront of this growing market, providing solutions, minimizing risks, and helping clients overcome challenges related to telehealth.


We regularly assist clients with all legal matters related to telehealth, including:


  • Compliance with federal and state laws

  • Fraud and abuse prevention

  • Policy development and contract negotiations

  • Professional licensing and credentialing

  • HIPAA and patient privacy and security

  • Risk assessment and management

  • Increasing access to care

  • Providing reimbursement

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