Psychedelics Law

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Where science converges with evolving consciousness, culture, and law.

With increasing recognition that certain psychedelic substances have therapeutic value in treating a variety of medical conditions, psychedelics are emerging in a complex and highly regulated environment. As the industry proceeds toward state decriminalization and legalization, the FDA is already making critical decisions regarding product safety and regulation.

Dickinson Wright’s psychedelics law team provides comprehensive legal counsel to product developers, clinicians, financial institutions, investors, and other business entities, enabling them to explore the potential application of psychedelics while thriving in this complicated and highly regulated market. Clients benefit from our ability to strategize throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, including research, development, funding, and commercialization.

Our Services

  • Assessment of business and individual risks under federal and state law
  • Raising capital and entity formation, including public and private securities offerings and lending transactions
  • Premarket strategies for controlled substances, product administration, partnership, and operating agreements
  • Federal and state planning advice, including corporate formation and governance
  • Compliance counsel regarding controlled substances laws, including the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), FDA, DEA, and state law regulations
  • Preparing and prosecuting investigational new drug (IND) exemptions
  • Intellectual property protection, including trademarks and copyrights, patents licensing and agreements, and branding
  • Assistance with hospital and university research center contracts
  • Litigationand alternative dispute resolution, including product liability, manufacturing defects, and failure to warn matters


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