Nonprofit Organizations

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While nonprofit organizations are a critical part of our society, they often must meet organizational goals with a small internal staff and a lean budget. That’s why it’s critical that nonprofits have an experienced legal partner to provide practical guidance and help them avoid costly legal mistakes.

Dickinson Wright is a leader in representing nonprofits, with extensive experience counseling educational, health care, elder care, housing, art, municipal and public service, economic development, business league and charitable organizations. Our creative and responsive team has the experience to meet the special needs of nonprofit organizations – on both day-to-day issues and large-scale projects.

Our Services

  • Providing a full range of services to help qualify and organize nonprofits, including: drafting articles, bylaws, compensation agreements, leases, licenses and forms for recognition of tax-exempt status.
  • Negotiating, performing due diligence and closing significant acquisitions, bonds, and construction projects
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