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Owners of significant real estate portfolios, particularly those with properties in many states and across borders, often face unique property management and value creation challenges. When the goal is to convert a holding from a liability to a performing asset, corporate portfolio managers need a legal team who can evaluate their properties and facilities, find opportunities to enhance value, and identify methods to maximize efficiencies. They need the team of real estate attorneys at Dickinson Wright.

Our experience runs the gamut from acquisitions and dispositions to land use planning, construction, and leasing, as well as to finance, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution. Whether a client is considering a move of its corporate headquarters, attempting to identify locations for production or distribution centers, or simply managing a geographically diverse collection of leased and owned properties, we are there to provide advice and counsel at every turn.

Asset Evaluation & Management

While some organizations see real estate as ancillary to their core businesses or as an inevitable expense, many of our clients recognize that their portfolios can yield cost savings and offer market advantages. Our attorneys collaborate with corporate property managers in various industries and verticals, representing their companies in land use planning, acquisitions and dispositions, leases, relocations, financings, tax incentive negotiations, and other value-creation transactions.

Portfolio Evaluation

Our team regularly helps clients to look beyond individual properties and facilities and see the larger gains that their entire portfolios can offer. When oversight of real estate holdings is decentralized and managed regionally or by separate business units, the loss of that broader perspective can result in missed opportunities and unnecessary cost. We can assess your portfolio as a whole to identify opportunities associated with lease arrangements, common area maintenance reconciliations, occupancy, excess space, strategic locations, tax and environmental advantages, and other considerations.

Creative Solutions

We view our work as equal parts art and science, and we bring creativity and imagination to even the most seemingly routine transactions. Depending on the circumstances, we may recommend alternative property uses and ownership structures, utilization of tax incentives and abatement programs, or outsourcing of certain management activities and responsibilities. And with offices throughout the U.S. and in Canada, we regularly help our clients to leverage local laws and practices, as well as our large network of service providers, to the ultimate benefit of their national portfolios.

Sophisticated & Cost-Effective Transaction Management

The solutions we offer aren’t limited to legal counsel. Dickinson Wright has developed proprietary transaction management and document automation programs that enables us to provide exceptionally quick handling of commercial real estate transactions. This software permits our clients to monitor the status of negotiations and due diligence as they happen, dramatically reducing the time and expense necessary to complete many routine transactions.
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