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From offices in Michigan, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, D.C. and Toronto, Dickinson Wright trial lawyers win cases for clients across a broad spectrum of litigation matters. With more than 120 lawyers engaged in the firm's litigation practice, our reach extends from our "home court" jurisdictions to federal, state and provincial trial and appellate courts, governmental bodies, specialty courts and international, national and regional arbitral organizations across the United States and Canada.

Results and Recognition

Our trial lawyers are highly regarded for their aggressive strategy, tactics and stand-up advocacy that produces winning results in the courtroom.

Our litigation practice, and the trial lawyers who comprise it, have received the highest recognition for excellence from national, regional and local organizations and publications, including:

  • American College of Civil Trial Mediators
  • American College of Trial Lawyers
  • American Law Institute
  • American Lawyer Magazine
  • Benchmark Litigation
  • Best Lawyers in America
  • Chambers & Partners USA
  • College of Labor and Employment Lawyers
  • DuPont Challenge Award
  • International Society of Barristers
  • Litigation Counsel of America
  • National Defense Research Institute
  • Super Lawyers
  • The Business Journal 

Our reputation for courtroom excellence also is reflected in the fact that 14 former Dickinson Wright litigation partners presently serve as judicial officers, including three (out of seven) Justices of the Michigan Supreme Court.

Planning and Execution for Early Success

We are equally well regarded for our success in the conference room. We recognize that our clients seek a rational business solution at the earliest possible stage of a dispute. Dickinson Wright trial lawyers are adept at creating opportunities to resolve a matter through the strategic and effective use of early dispositive motion practice and targeted discovery, and we are savvy enough to then drive home a settlement that our client has determined to be in its best interests. In the exercise of sound business judgment and experienced negotiation skills, we achieve results that advance business interests at the earliest possible juncture, before our clients needlessly commit resources to protracted litigation.

Alternate Dispute Resolution

In addition to litigating for our clients, our lawyers assist clients with conflict management, risk avoidance and dispute resolution.  Using various alternative dispute resolution procedures, our lawyers have facilitated settlements and served as arbitrators, facilitators, mediators and other neutrals in hundreds of cases from coast-to-coast as well as internationally.

Focus on Clients and Cost Effectiveness

Focusing on our clients and their businesses, we strive to make litigation as cost-effective and cost-certain as possible.

Our partnering initiatives with our clients long have included a variety of alternative fee engagements in which we share directly in the risks of litigation (and which we offered a decade before such arrangements became the recent response of reluctant law firms to the real economic needs of clients). We are strong proponents of full technological integration so that the entire litigation team, from both Dickinson Wright and the client, has quick and easy access to all key litigation materials.

Commitment and Dedication

What sets us apart from our competition is that our trial lawyers operate with the same commitment and passion that our clients possess for quickly and forcefully addressing and resolving the dispute. We make your problem our problem.

Additional Information

For decades our trial lawyers have served at the forefront of business and tort litigation of every kind for major corporations, middle-market entrepreneurial and growth companies, closely held enterprises and individuals. The professional resumes of our trial lawyers on this web-site reflect the breadth and depth of that experience.

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