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Using sound strategic advice and proven litigation skills, Dickinson Wright class action litigators represent businesses across industries in the defense of a wide variety of class actions. Recognizing that class actions can present enormous risks for companies, our defense counsel work with companies to ascertain the best strategic approach to a putative class action, whether it’s focusing on opposing class certification, assessing early resolution or otherwise defending against the asserted claims.

Sound Results Based on a Strategic Approach

When the decision is to oppose class certification, our clients benefit from the experience of our litigation team. Dickinson Wright’s veteran class action defense counsel have successfully defeated class certification in hundreds of cases, giving us the experience necessary to develop the best possible approach for each case. If certification is granted, we have the resources and talent to contain and manage the class litigation, including in-house e-discovery and experience in the cost-effective management of mass data collections. We also develop creative settlement strategies to resolve putative class actions in the early stages when this approach is in our client’s best interest.

Our experienced class action litigation team has successfully defended class cases involving a wide range of underlying claims including:




Mass Torts

Civil Rights

Product Liability

Consumer Fraud







UCC Issues

Health Care


Broad Base of Experience to Benefit Our Clients

Our class action defense litigators have a wealth of experience in defending class cases in state and federal courts across the United States. We pride ourselves in our ability to work as a team with the client on executing the best overall approach in defending class actions. Whether as lead counsel, local counsel, or special assignment counsel, Dickinson Wright’s class action lawyers provide sound strategic advice and proven litigation skills and have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances as the case develops.

On the Leading Edge of Class Action Litigation

Our commitment to staying at the leading edge of class action litigation goes beyond the courtroom. Our class action lawyers regularly publish in leading industry publications on pertinent topics. We also participate in all of the major class action bar organizations, giving us insights into developing trends and approaches used by other law firms in the defense of class actions. This exchange of information adds value to our clients at no additional cost and allows us to expand our resources to benefit our clients.

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