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Imagine an industry in which its customers define a part of their identity on what product they use, an industry that appeals to consumers equally with nostalgia as with exciting new products, an industry where innovations are constantly raising the bar, exciting new and old customers and changing the way we live our lives, and an industry that literally drives the North American economy, employing millions of people from coast-to-coast.

We’re talking about the automotive industry, and Dickinson Wright is in the center of it all.

We are one of the world’s pre-eminent law firms for companies in the automotive industry. We have worked with major automotive companies since the Dodge brothers were building cars out of their garage. We helped the auto pioneers build the industry, and we’re helping today’s companies change the world.

Corporate: Our corporate lawyers assist clients with routine matters that include unique, industry-specific hurdles, including corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, dealership and distribution, e-commerce marketing and manufacturing processes.

Deal Makers: We help auto companies negotiate agreements that help them thrive in this competitive arena, including bailment agreements, minority joint venture agreements, distribution agreements, sales and purchase licenses and tooling agreements.

Intellectual Property: The auto industry produces so many patents and other intellectual property that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s first satellite office outside of the Beltway was opened in Detroit in 2012. Our IP attorneys assist automakers and suppliers with all of their needs, including patent prosecutions, registrations, litigation and other protection measures.

International Reach: Dickinson Wright has offices throughout North America’s automotive corridor, stretching from Toronto and Southwestern Ontario, through the Rust Belt states of Michigan and Ohio, and down into the heart of the American Southern automotive manufacturing states of Kentucky and Tennessee. We also have offices in the Southwest with experienced lawyers capable of helping companies expand their horizons into new regions.

Labor and Employment: Our labor and employment attorneys provide complete services advice to unionized and non-unionized companies.

Product Liability, Recalls and Warranties: Automotive defects, recalls and warranties are a highly regulated part of the industry, requiring attorneys with experience working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to resolve consumer complaints and other issues. Our lawyers are experienced in dealings with the NHTSA, as well as defending automotive companies in highly contentious product liability actions across the country.

Commercial and Industry-Specific Litigation: Dickinson Wright has unparalleled expertise in commercial and industry-specific litigation, including: design, production validation, manufacturing processes and supply chain management. We understand the automotive industry’s business practices and problems, and what different organizations are doing to address them. Our experience extends to representing domestic and foreign OEMs and suppliers in federal and state courts, as well as a variety of arbitral forums.

Troubled Suppliers: Dickinson Wright is known for helping major automotive companies protect their supply base and production when faced with a financially distressed supplier.


Contracts, e-commerce and marketing
Corporate governance
Dealer and distribution arrangements
Distressed suppliers and bankruptcies
Intellectual property
Information technology
Labor and employment
Mergers & acquisitions
Real estate
Product Liability
Product Recalls and Warranties

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