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Technology has reshaped the media industry, forcing established companies and upstart outlets alike to adapt and change. From the decline of print and the emergence of streaming and social media, producing and distributing content today barely resembles how it was done a decade ago. All of this brings new opportunities and risks only an experienced group of lawyers such as those in the Dickinson Wright Entertainment, Sports and Media group can anticipate.

Our lawyers have spent their careers guiding media companies through disruptive change. On the intellectual property front, we advise clients on strategies for protecting and defending valuable content by registering copyrights and pursuing litigation, if necessary. This includes developing strategies that anticipate new distribution channels and possible sources of unauthorized use and piracy. The team also includes experienced privacy and data security attorneys who provide trusted counsel on regulatory compliance as well as preventing and responding to breaches.

Our Services


  • Providing experienced counsel on protecting valuable content through copyrights and litigation.

  • Advising on issues related to privacy and data security, including regulatory compliance, as well as preventing and responding to breaches.

  • Advising clients on IP rights including technology patents and cybersecurity issues.

  • IP Audits.

  • Enforcing or defending rights under the DMCA.

  • Shrink-wrap or click-through agreements.

  • Terms of service.

  • Start-up, angel funding, mezzanine funding, bank financing, and IPO’s for tech companies.

  • Mergers.

  • Technology transfefrom government to civil.

  • Licensing agreements.

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