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We have extensive experience on all sides with various worldwide, regional and specialty media companies. Our lawyers have formed hundreds of various business entities and assist media business owners, C-Level executives and board members in their day-to-day operations and overall strategies. We have tax strategy experience with regard to media business sales and mergers related to C-Corps, S-Corps, LLC’s, partnerships and nonprofits. Below are some examples of the work that the lawyers within our firm have done in this area:

• Formations, corporate governance, compliance and sales of media-related S-Corps, LLC’s or Series LLC to other S-Corps, C-Corps or LLC’s.
• Formation and Funding of Series LLC entities to protect intellectual property (IP) or media assets from various forms of liability.
• Formation, sales and wind-downs of media-related S-Corps, LLC’s and nonprofit entities around the country.
• Assistance with drafts, negotiations and valuations for buy-sell/shareholders agreements of media companies.
• Litigation related to covenants not to compete for or against media companies or personalities.
• Litigation assistance in shareholder purchase agreements.
• Due diligence related to e-commerce media companies merging or selling with particular exit strategies and technology licensing components.
• Daily advice to worldwide music, administration, and publishing administration through all mediums.
• Daily advice to worldwide record labels and distributors (with major label distribution).
• Daily advice to TV, film, advertising, show and music production companies.
• Media advice to hotels and resorts.
• Advice to “Billion Dollar Companies” with regard to specific uses of media and liability.

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