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For any media personality, entertainer, or athlete, landing an endorsement contract to be a spokesperson for a product, service, or organization is a career milestone—and a sign that have built a trusted brand that resonates widely. From A-list actors to emerging talent, clients look to the lawyers in the Dickinson Wright Entertainment, Sports and Media team to guide them through these complex deals.

Whether it is a client’s first spokesperson deal, or just the latest in a successful career, each contract brings unique complexities that require careful attention. While focusing on important details such as compensation, our lawyers also approach every contract negotiation with a much broader perspective that takes into consideration all of a client’s needs, both now and in the future. In fact, clients often count on us to help assess whether aligning with a particular product, service or organization will pose any potential negative consequences for their own carefully managed brand. We also ensure that our client’s valuable intellectual property rights are protected, particularly with respect to the use of their name and persona. Our counsel also includes guidance for complying with advertising laws enforced by the FTC and other regulatory agencies, particularly with respect to disclosing sponsorship relationships, as well as endorsing products via social media.

Our Services

• Negotiating and drafting spokesperson contracts.
• Assessing potential risks to a client’s brand.
• Ensuring a client’s copyrightstrademarks, and other valuable IP assets are protected.
• Advising on how to comply with advertising laws enforced by the FTC and other governmental agencies.
• Advising on FTC rules for promoting products and services on social media.

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