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No matter their industry, all companies must now have a cohesive social media strategy that addresses not just advertising and PR, but also regulatory compliance, privacy and data security, intellectual property protection, HR issues, and crisis management. Lawyers in the Dickinson Wright Entertainment, Sports and Media group understand the disruptive force the rise of social media has exerted on businesses of all types and provide seasoned counsel on the full range of legal issues. Above all, we serve as experienced guides, helping our clients leverage opportunities while mitigating risk.

We guide companies through the process of establishing enforceable social media policies that encompass all facets of their operations – marketing, human resources, IT, etc. Our team includes lawyers intimately familiar with the statutes regarding advertising on social media enforced by the FCC and other federal and state regulatory agencies. As bad news about a company can spread like wildfire on social media, we offer seasoned guidance on crisis management and mitigation. Dickinson Wright’s intellectual property attorneys provide experienced counsel on best practices for using a company’s valuable trademarks and other IP assets online – and policing misuse. We also regularly advise on issues related to the protection of personally identifiable information gathered online, and other data security matters.

Our work in this area includes:

• Drafting enforceable social media policies that take into account all aspects of a company’s operations.
• Responding to PR crises spread via social media and mitigating risk.
• Protecting and enforcing IP rights, and developing best practices for the online use of trademarks and other intellectual property assets.
• Managing compliance with respect to advertising laws enforced by the FCC and other federal and state regulatory agencies.
• Guiding clients with respect to protecting personally identifiable information obtained through social media, as well as other data security issues.
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