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Dickinson Wright’s attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients on a full range of legal and business issues that arise in the art world. We represent artists, individual and institutional collectors, galleries, dealers, auction houses and museums.  As a full-service law firm, our art law practice combines our art world experience with other related practice areas, including taxintellectual property, secured transactions, entertainment, and when necessary litigation.

Our services include legal counsel, negotiations, and advice on:

Art Consignments — We have negotiated numerous loans or consignments of art and represent collectors and dealers in consignments of individual and multiple collections of art to museums and galleries.

Art Insurance Coverage — Our art insurance team has experience in art appraisal issues and art insurance coverage work, as well as reviewing policies and advising on terms and claims.

Art Intellectual Property Issues — Advising corporations, foundations, collectors, and museums on copyright, trademark and other intellectual property matters related to art and collectibles. We have assisted clients with issues relating to licensing the installation and de-installation, acquisition, publication and merchandising of artwork. We have also advised artists on matters related to enforcing/policing their copyrights against infringement online and in the art world.

Charitable Gifting — Counseling collectors on their charitable gifting of art, naming rights, including partial donations and fractional giving, monetary contributions and endowments to fund the purchase of art, and construction of new facilities.

Commissions of Art — Negotiating and preparing agreements for the commission of public and private art projects on behalf of artists, nonprofits, and municipalities.

Cultural Patrimony — Representing collectors in transactions involving cultural patrimony and heritage. We have advised clients as they navigate through the complexities of the purchase, sale, importation/exportation, or loan of cultural property, including Native American and similar archeological artifacts and antiquities.

Display of Art Loans — Advising collectors on the numerous issues and considerations related to loaning their artwork, cultural property and collectibles to institutions. Our representation includes drafting and negotiating loan agreements and advising on tax concerns, insurance complications, as well as import/export and anti-seizure protections.

Purchase and Sale Transactions — Representing clients across the full spectrum of art sales and purchases, from individual works to entire collections, including fine art, antiquities, collectibles and memorabilia. Our attorneys have advised on all aspects of transactions, including planning, escrow, and closing arrangements, negotiation and due diligence on authenticity and provenance, sales and use tax planning, tax deferred arrangements, and import and export regulations.

Sales, Use, and Personal Tax — We advise clients on sales, use, and personal tax planning for small and large purchases, sales, and loans of works of art. Our attorneys have assisted collectors with payment programs and facilitated voluntary disclosure on sales and use taxes.

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