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While a case decided in a trial court can have a tremendous impact, a decision in an appellate court can create a rule of law affecting not only that individual case but a company’s business or businesses in an entire industry. Determining whether and how to appeal an adverse trial outcome requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Dickinson Wright’s appellate attorneys have years of experience handling cases in appellate courts and tribunals throughout the United States and Canada, at every level. Whether seeking to overturn a judgment or defend a victory in the trial court, our group brings that experience to bear to help our clients increase their chances of prevailing on appeal.

Exceptional Advocacy

Dickinson Wright’s appellate attorneys identify, distill, and analyze complex legal questions and present them in a straightforward, engaging, and understandable fashion. We have a thorough understanding of review standards and the specialized rules and procedures under which appellate courts operate, and we know how to write briefs and present oral arguments that will resonate with appellate judges.

Our appellate attorneys also regularly monitor legal trends in the appellate courts across the country and study the jurisprudence of individual judges. We employ that knowledge and our vast experience to our clients’ advantage.

Our Appellate group includes former law clerks from a number of U.S. Courts of Appeals, state supreme courts, and intermediate state appellate courts. Several of our lawyers have been recognized by Best Lawyers for their appellate expertise.

Appellate Strategy and Consultation

Sometimes devising an appellate strategy is necessary in the early stages of a case. When matters of first impression, unsettled laws, and complex facts make an appeal all but certain, it is essential at trial to make a proper record of critical evidence, arguments, and objections for appellate review. Our group routinely works with trial counsel on dispositive pre-trial motions, interlocutory appeals, major evidentiary issues, jury instructions, and post-judgment motions – always with an eye toward future appellate proceedings.

In addition to pursuing appeals for clients we’ve represented from the onset of litigation, our lawyers often are retained to provide consultation services to other law firms that require expertise either to preserve appellate issues at the trial court level or to assist with an appeal.

Amicus Briefing

Increasingly, appellate judges indicate that they welcome friend of the court (amicus) briefs from nonparties that can shed light on the broader issues that might be implicated in an appeal. Our Appellate group is regularly called upon to draft amicus briefs for companies, individuals, industry associations, and others with an interest in important legal issues, but who are not parties to an appeal.

Substantive Law Expertise

Combining broad business law and litigation expertise, our appellate attorneys have briefed and argued a range of cases – from high-stakes, bet-the-company matters to those involving lower stakes but that are no less important to our clients. Those appeals have involved an equally-wide variety of issues, including:

  • Administrative Law 
  • Family Law 
  •  Antitrust
  •  Health Law
  •  Bankruptcy
  •  Insurance
  •  Business Torts
  •  Patents & Intellectual Property
  •  Class Actions
  •  Personal Injury
  •  Commercial Contracts
  •  Professional Liability
  •  Constitutional Law
  •  Tax Issues
  •  Consumer Claims
  •  Telecommunications
  •  Employment & Immigration Law
  •  Tort & Product Liability
  •  Environmental Law
  •  Zoning & Land Use

To learn more about Dickinson Wright’s Appellate practice, please check out the firm’s Appellate Attorney Guide.

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