Government Contracts Litigation

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Having practiced for decades in the seat of the federal government in Washington, D.C., our attorneys have litigated government contract matters involving dozens of federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, Government Services Administration, Veterans Affairs, Environmental Protection Agency, Health and Human Services, Social Security Administration, Federal Communication Commission, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, and Federal Aviation Administration:

• Convinced the U.S. Attorney's Office not to intervene in a whistleblower suit, and subsequently obtained dismissal of the private whistleblower action against a government contractor in a civil billing fraud investigation.

• Persuaded federal prosecutors not to file any criminal charges against a target employee of government contracting firm in a criminal billing fraud investigation.

• Convinced a civilian agency to terminate a suspension without proposing debarment for our client, a “C-level” executive, despite a felony conviction.

• Represented multiple senior executives proposed for debarment by a military department and either received no debarments or “time served” exclusions (decisions that end all contracting restrictions the day they issue) despite grounds to impose multi-year debarments.

• Conducted numerous internal investigations and managed proactive mandatory disclosures to limit parallel proceeding risk, where other similarly-situated entities faced substantial additional inquiries from criminal and civil investigative authorities.

• Investigated government contractor for improperly diverting Government Service Agency funds earmarked for construction contract to personal expenditures.

• Investigated government contractor for bid rigging scheme relating to a Department of Education contract.

• Investigated lottery contractor for bribery and bid rigging scheme.

• Investigated executive director of non-profit boxing association for misappropriating and diverting government earmarked funds to pay for personal expenditures.

• Investigated company alleged to have violated the FCC’s lifeline phone service program by improperly billing for unqualified participants.
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