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Creative works are the core assets that enable songwriters, publishers and tech companies to thrive. Knowing that a copyright is a “bundle of rights” which are by law reserved specifically to the creator unless transferred in writing or by operation of law, gives companies and creators plenty of ways to be protected and unprotected altogether.

The complexities of the various rights to copy, manufacture, publicly perform, make derivatives, distribute and digitally transmit are virtually endless; therefore, making this area of the law perfect for creative lawyering. We enjoy working hand-in-hand with publishers, songwriters, authors, architects, coders, and software companies to help them accomplish their goals either in a traditional sense or a creative sense.

Below are some examples of the work that the lawyers within our firm have done in this area:

• Copyright office filings and recordations of assignment for publishers and authors.
• Various licensing agreement drafts, negotiations and forms for larger licensing projects.
• Bulk-shrink wrap licensing changes for software code and companies in transition.
• Successful defense of copyright infringement claims with summary judgment in federal court.
• Hiring and management of local counsels for change of venue in federal court related to copyright claims.
• Research and strategy related to class action or representative plaintiff group claims
• Hiring and analysis of musicologists reports.
• Drafting and settlement of multiple lawsuits with settlement agreements, assignments, and royalty redirections.
• Assisting administrators, record labels, and publishers with copyright law and strategy advice.
• Dialogue with the U.S. Copyright Office and Register of Copyrights regarding upcoming changes to the Copyright Code.
• Research, drafting, and implementation of publisher and songwriter policies related to access and staff’s receipt of unsolicited materials to reduce risk of frivolous claims.
• Evaluation of songwriter and publisher copyright insurance policies.
• Advertising company copy readings for copyright and trademark infringement violations.

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