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Dickinson & Wright has long been a go-to law firm for well-known names in the film and television industry. From major production companies to A-list stars, our clients see us as vital and trusted partners. We understand the complex nature of the film and television business and the needs of each unique stakeholder.

Whether advising a production company on protecting its investments or helping film and television talent leverage their brand into endorsement and spokesperson deals, we have done it all. We also understand the unique needs of our film and television clients when it comes to securing their valuable intellectual property (IP) assets, such as trademarks and copyrights. Always focused on the details, our lawyers also take a wide view of each matter to ensure it supports the client’s goals, both immediate and long-term business goals.

Our Services

• Drafting and negotiating talent agreements, host deals, and sponsorship and endorsement contracts.
• Advising production companies on set-up, funding, production, and distribution agreements.
• Filing for copyright and trademark protection, managing IP portfolios, and defending client assets through litigation.
• Immigration related to extraordinary ability (i.e., 0-1 Visas).
• Litigation and dispute resolution.
• Reality show production and talent agreements.
• International live broadcasts and music licensing.
• Film and TV legal reviews for high controversy productions.

Additionally, our Film and Television practice assists with the following:

  • Talent Agreements

  • Copyright Protection for Film & TV

  • Production Companies

  • Trademark Protection for Film & TV

  • TV Host Deals

  • International Film Immigration

  •  Sponsorship & Branding     
  • Dispute Resolution

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