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We have extensive experience in working with athletes and sports related companies, including media companies, sports broadcasters, professional and amateur athletes, as well as coaches and general managers of college and minor league teams. We assist with contractual team matters, personal business matters, and estate planning.

Here are some examples of work that our firm has done with athletes and sports related companies:

• Wealth protection and estate planning for 1st round draft picks
• Quotes and securing career-ending injury insurance
• Working with agents, financial planners, parents, and spouses on estate planning after major signings
• Amateur status protection for pro-prospects
• Interpretation of NCAA rules
• On-campus representation of amateur athletes regarding disputes with eligibility due to disciplinary or grade evaluations
• Contract interpretation and negotiations related to covered surgeries
• Sponsorship deals with Rawlings, Nike, Zett, Reebok, Louisville Slugger, Wilson, and others
• Trading card negotiations
• Negotiations of professional contracts with teams and specific negotiations related to salaries, bonuses, performance bonuses, college scholarship plans, and incentive bonus plans
• Advice during Rule 5 drafts for minor leaguers
• Negotiations of agent contracts
• Latent injury disclosure and contract interpretations
• Assistance with criminal matters (including hiring of counsel for matters and assistance with pleas and negotiations)
• Confidential settlements
• Representing sports broadcasters in their negotiations with sports networks
• Radio sponsorship agreement drafting
• Non-profit set-up and planned charitable giving
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