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Actors, Celebrities, Authors and Comedians from various walks of life have used the firm in their dealings with mangers, agents, movie production companies, networks, book publishers and live or stand-alone shows.

We have been involved and understand the various rights that actors/authors need to focus on and protect. We help at times to place, fund and negotiate various deals. Here are some examples of the work that the firm has done for the following:

• Movie deals
• Broadway and “off Broadway” show deals
• Network specials
• Show funding deals with Actors owning their own rights and licensing the show back to the network
• Show brand protection
• Net Profits participation
• Executive Producer and Director Deals
• Branding deals
• Television series deals
• Twitter and Social Media deals
• Special Appearances
• Sale of the Actor’s brand name and Royalty Management
• Estate Planning of the IP, trademarks and likenesses associated with the Actor
• Bodyguard and security agreements
• Confidentiality Agreements and Policies for staff
• Enforcement of all of the above

• Negotiate single book deals / Renegotiate book deals
• Negotiate series book deals
• Negotiate ghost writer deals
• Negotiate book agent deals
• License content, pictures and art for authors and book publishers
• Legal readings for biographies
• Movie option deals
• Screen writing option negotiations

• One-off show agreements
• National Tours
• Vegas stays
• Movie deals
• Brand protection
• Album deals
• Acting agreements
• Management, Agent and Business Manager agreements and disputes
• Enforcement of all of the above

To learn more about major areas of our Actors, Authors, and Comedians practice, please select from among the following:

Talent Agreements

Production Companies

TV Host Deals

Books and Authors

Sponsorship and Branding

Copyright Protection

Trademark Protection

Dispute Resolution

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