Claudia Toste

Law Clerk

Claudia Toste serves as a senior real estate law clerk at Dickinson Wright's Toronto office, focusing on both commercial and residential real estate. She adeptly handles intricate transactions, including large multi-property acquisitions, joint ventures, multifaceted mortgage financings, and Tarion Warranty Corporation Bond and secured excess deposit insurance facility financings. Claudia excels in conducting thorough title and off-title due diligence, providing clients with comprehensive title memorandum summarizations to facilitate their future property development.

With over 35 years of legal experience, Claudia finds genuine joy in her work when clients express satisfaction with a "job well done." These moments, where smiles light up her clients' faces, are the ultimate reward for Claudia and her dedicated team. In each client file, Claudia brings a unique blend of passion, dedication, and accessibility, ensuring that your real estate ventures are not just transactions but personalized experiences.


Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario

Retter Business College

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