Commercial Construction

Dickinson Wright is a valued partner to many local and regional commercial developers and contractors. Our construction attorneys are experienced in all aspects of commercial development and construction from pre-project funding, procurement, infrastructure development and entitlements, through claim analysis, defense and prosecution. Our attorneys provide assistance to clients throughout the construction process to ensure proper risk allocation; timely, business-oriented, problem solving; and project completion.

As with other aspects of construction and development, our construction lawyers have substantial experience in contract document preparation and review, including with respect to standard form and manuscript contractor, subcontractor, design professional and material supplier agreements, general conditions, as well as with related documents such as financing agreements and mechanic’s liens.

Our lawyers are skilled in advising clients and resolving all varieties of disputes such as changed conditions, disruption, delay and acceleration claims, and subcontractor termination and abandonment. Whether the goal is a swift resolution via a change order or a detailed critical path analysis to support or defend against a comprehensive claim, our lawyers bring substantial real-world experience to the table to ensure that the client’s best-interests are presented.

A number of our lawyers also have experience in government procurement, public–private partnerships, environmental impact analysis, and public procurement compliance for private projects. Many of our lawyers routinely represent clients in court, in arbitration, and before regulatory and municipal bodies.