Insurance and Bonding

The overall risk management profile for construction projects require many considerations. Dickinson Wright attorneys advise clients concerning all available risk management tools, including insurance and bonding. Our attorneys have substantial experience in addressing insurance and bonding issues as part of the negotiation of construction agreements as well as in asserting and responding to construction claims.

From the insurance perspective, these considerations can range from project specific policies to renewable commercial general liability policies. The firm works with clients to review such alternatives at project inception and to include these points as a necessary part of contract negotiation. We work extensively with construction industry insurance brokers in establishing appropriate insurance profiles for projects as varied as commercial buildings, luxury condominiums, and mixed use developments.

Our attorneys are versed in asserting claims under policies of insurance, including both liability and property claims. In addition to evaluating claims and tendering to all appropriate policies, we have extensive experience in evaluating available coverage and potential coverage defenses. The firm works extensively with national homebuilders and, by necessity, asserts claims against subcontractors and their insurers.

Dickinson Wright attorneys represent both public owners and contractors and have an intimate knowledge of bonding requirements, including bid, performance, and payment bonds. Our attorneys are knowledgeable on local public bonding requirements and the advantages and disadvantages of the use of bonds on private projects. Our extensive experience in representing all participants in the construction process includes the process of asserting bond claims of all types and varieties and in negotiating and dealing with sureties.