Organizations involved in environmental matters face a number of unique issues, risks and regulations, necessitating a knowledgeable legal partner. The environmental attorneys at Dickinson Wright regularly assist clients with transactional, development, compliance, crisis response, litigation and other environmental needs with a sensitivity to both public and government relations that is unmatched by other firms.

Members of our team have diverse backgrounds that span environmental engineering,
chemistry, urban planning, business and communications, giving us insight into the technical, business and legal aspects of our clients’ environmental projects. 

Our environmental practice’s areas of expertise include:

  • Transaction support of real estate (purchase, sale, lease or financing) and corporate (mergers, acquisitions and divestitures) transactions, including: negotiating environmental contract terms and conditions; retaining consultants; reviewing reports; assessing environmental risks; performing environmental due diligence and assisting with post-closing due care and clean-up obligations. 
  • Property development (residential, corporate, industrial), including: identifying and addressing environmental issues; evaluating available tax credits, grants and other financial incentives for Brownfield redevelopment; identifying necessary approvals and permits for new projects in the areas of zoning, wetlands, floodplains, endangered species, well drilling, water use and sewer systems and many other areas. 
  • Environmental compliance/enforcement, including: identifying new and existing state and federal regulations; navigating through the permit approval process; assisting with permit issues, negotiations and appeals; providing internal environmental auditing support and helping clients prepare for government audits. 
  • Remediation of former industrial sites under federal and state law, including: negotiating with government agencies; recommending, retaining and overseeing the work of consultants and contractors; preparing contracts; assisting in selecting appropriate remedial actions; coordinating implementation of remedial measures and reporting; reviewing reports and work plans; acting as common counsel when multiple parties are involved; and providing specialized expertise in the area of methane remediation. 
  • Emergency response/crisis management, including coordinating emergency response activities, providing required notifications to federal, state, and local agencies; advising on reports to OSHA investigators; facilitating communications among client contacts, the media and emergency response teams; overseeing medical assistance and property damage programs; and obtaining expedited permits for handling waste streams. 
  • Energy & sustainability, including: representing clients on a wide range of international and domestic energy matters; assisting with project planning, land and property rights acquisition, financing, and regulatory permitting; handling issues relating to energy regulation, public utility and rate issues; and ensuring regulatory and environmental compliance.
  • Environmental litigation, including: contribution and cost recovery claims under state and federal law; class actions; criminal enforcement; administrative contested cases; NEPA litigation; RCRA citizen suits; toxic tort actions; and agency penalty settlement negotiations, including supplemental environmental projects.