Gaming Lawyer Michael Lipton Comments on Daily Fantasy Sports for CBC News

February 5, 2016
In the recent article “Will Canada shut down daily fantasy sports sites? Don’t bet on it” (1/31/16), Dickinson Wright Lawyer Michael Lipton comments on the state of the daily fantasy sports industry to CBC News.

The daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry is fighting for its survival in the U.S., but in Canada it seems to be business as usual. DFS allows fans to act as managers by selecting their own roster of professional players in a range of sports who will be competing on the same day. Those fantasy rosters are then paired up in head-to-head competition against other “managers,” using the players’ real in-game stats to determine the winner.

While investigations into DFS have begun in several states in the U.S., Canada hasn’t pursued DFS as aggressively despite the similar legal context. “Authorities are more focused on anti-terrorism, and drugs, and biker gangs and the like, and they should be,” commented Michael Lipton to CBC News. “We’ve always had a fairly liberal attitude regarding matters of this nature.”

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