41st Annual Conference on Immigration and Nationality Law on October 26-27, 2017

41st Annual Conference on Immigration and Nationality Law
on Thursday and Friday, Oct 26-27, 2017 
AT&T Conference Center, The University of Texas at Austin, 1900 University Avenue, Austin, TX

Kathleen Walker (Member, El Paso) will be presenting  on the topic: The Realization of "America First" and What it Means for Immigration Law, on October 26th at 8:30 am.

The Trump Administration has ushered in an era of optical security measures and further disruption of the current dysfunctional immigration process. DACA survival still is uncertain, while the extent of presidential power over immigration policy continues to be stretched to its uncertain limits. The America First mantra is impacting the position of the U.S. in competition for global talent and investment. On the home front, the federal courts are more critical than ever. Time for a crystal ball report.

In a changing political climate, navigating new policies, guidance and interpretations of the law is more important than ever. UT Law’s 41st Annual Conference on Immigration and Nationality Law is ideal for practitioners of all experience levels, and provides an opportunity hear the latest developments and to meet with and learn from nationally recognized experts. Interact with your fellow practitioners to hear how they are dealing with the tough issues of the day.

 The 2-day program offers in-depth discussion on issues at the forefront of immigration practice, and provides tools, forms, tips and guidance on key decision points and strategies in family-based and employment-based immigration, including the increasing importance of removal and relief from removal. Gain strategies to provide the best advocacy for your clients while protecting yourself and your practice.  •Gain practical insight into new immigration policies and the current political landscape.
•Review the latest Supreme Court, Fifth Circuit, and Board of Immigration Appeals cases and decisions.
•Know your rights at the border, and hear practical advice in how to protect you and your clients.
•Examine business-based immigration topics including an overview of work visas, a deeper dive into H1-B visas and common problems for employers, PERM processing, and worksite enforcement.
•Learn how to prepare for audits and raids and what to do once they occur.
•Review procedures, options and defenses for removal.
•Discuss how to avoid and address your client’s fraud or misrepresentation findings when dealing with the USCIS, DOS, and Immigration court.
•Interact with faculty, fellow practitioners and pro bono organization representatives during Thursday’s Networking Reception and Pro Bono Mixer.

Come a day early for the Fundamentals of Immigration and Nationality Law - ideal for new entrants to the field or as a refresher for experienced practitioners.

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AT&T Conference Center, The University of Texas at Austin
1900 University Avenue
Austin, Texas


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