Lawyer Ned Levitt Writes Article for Global Franchise Magazine on Setting Fees in Master Franchise Agreements

November 30, 2016
Lawyer Ned Levitt recently wrote “Fee Simple: Setting Correctly,” an article for Global Franchising Magazine. The article focuses on setting fees in master franchise agreements. Mr. Levitt offers a clear guide on how this highly complicated part of the deal between franchisor and master franchisee.

Master franchising is the franchise structure of choice for most franchise systems expanding beyond their country of origin. A master franchise deal requires the setting of a number of fees and at two levels; (1) between master franchisor and master franchisee and (2) between the master franchisee and the unit franchisees in the target country.

Mr. Levitt writes that the chances of success in an international franchise expansion rise dramatically, when the franchisor takes the time to investigate the target country thoroughly and analyze the findings well. Nowhere in the process is this truer than in the determination of the fees to charge in an international master franchise agreement.

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