Attorney Leighton Koehler Quoted in "IRS lien shows Floyd Mayweather owes $22.2M on 2015 taxes," published by the Associated Press

July 18, 2017
Dickinson Wright Attorney Leighton Koehler was recently interviewed for an article titled “IRS lien shows Floyd Mayweather owes $22.2M on 2015 taxes,” published by the Associated Press.

The IRS filed a lien against Floyd Mayweather in April in regards to a nine-figure payday against Manny Pacquiao in 2015. Mr. Mayweather petitioned the U.S. Tax Court on July 5 to hear his case in Las Vegas. The petition process comes after a taxpayer and an IRS officer fail to reach an agreement over how a tax debt can be satisfied, Mr. Koehler told the Associated Press.

Mr. Koehler, who previously worked as an IRS senior revenue agent, said that tax judges only travel to Las Vegas once or twice a year, forcing taxpayers to wait six months to a year before their case is heard.

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