Attorney John S. Artz Comments on Supreme Court Decision in Intellectual Property Case

December 9, 2016
In the E-Commerce Times article “SCOTUS Scuttles Apple’s Big Samsung Award,” Dickinson Wright Attorney John S. Artz comments on the ramifications of the ruling for patent lawsuits in the future.

“If a product has very few features, this decision will not have as significant an impact on it,” Artz told E-Commerce Times. “If you have a product that has multiple features that all contribute to its design, then this will have a significant impact on that.”

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Apple’s $399 million award in its successful patent infringement suit against Samsung. The Court disagreed with a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals decision in regards to what can be considered an “article of manufacture”. According to the Supreme Court, an article of manufacture in a multicomponent product need not be the entire product, but could be a component of the product.

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