Attorney John Blattner Writes Article on Trademarking Brand's Identity for Fast Casual Magazine

January 12, 2016
Intellectual Property Attorney John Blattner recently wrote the article “8 things no one tells you about protecting your brand’s identity” (January 8, 2016) for Fast Casual Magazine. In the article, Mr. Blattner lays out eight crucial aspects of branding that almost no one tells you.

Included in his advice is that “strong trademarks capture the power and value of brand identity”, “registration is crucial”, “use it properly”, and “going international? register early”.

He goes on to say that “Every restaurant owner should be aiming for two things: 1. Selecting names, slogans, and logos that stand out in consumers’ minds as belonging to you – and only to you. 2. Establishing and protecting those marks so that they convey your brand identity – and nobody else’s.”

To read the complete article, please click here.
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