Attorney Jacob Frenkel Comments on the IHeartMedia case for the San Antonio Express-News

May 16, 2016
In a recent article by the San Antonio Express-News titled “IHeartMedia fights investors in court on possible debt default,” (May 16, 2016) Jacob Frenkel, chair of Dickinson Wright’s government investigations and securities enforcement practice, comments on whether or not iHeartMedia violated its credit agreement with bondholders.

If the court rules against iHeartMedia, it could trigger a technical default by the company on as much as $15 billion of its bonds and put iHeartMedia at risk of bankruptcy. “It can be in the best interests of both sides to find common ground,” Mr. Frenkel told the San Antonio Express-News. “Closure can be in everyone’s favor, including a company interested in issuing a new (debt) offer.”

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