Attorney Dan Ujczo Writes Article on Canada-U.S. Trade Relationship for Canadian Lawyer

February 2, 2017
In “Now is the time to improve the Canada-U.S. trade relationship,” Dickinson Wright Attorney Dan Ujczo discusses the bilateral relationship as U.S. President Donald Trump seeks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The article originally appears in Canadian Lawyer.

Mr. Ujzco, the firm’s Cross-Border Business Development Director, states in the article that the “legal and business communities should insist the NAFTA renegotiation between Canada and the U.S. focus its energies on deploying innovations to the world’s most vibrant and integrated bilateral trading relationship.”

Mr. Ujczo also mentions in the article that one-third of Canada-U.S. manufacturing trade occurs intra-firm and another one-third occurs in an integrated production chain with an overwhelming majority of cross-border manufacturing involving shipments between suppliers and assemblers that are based in Canada or the U.S. With this knowledge, Mr. Ujczo argues that (re) negotiators should consider a process that certifies a company’s supply chain as “AmeriCan Made.”

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