Lawyers Dan Ujczo and Brenda Swick Quoted in Canadian Press Article on How NAFTA Negotiations Will Impact Businesses

November 2, 2017
In the article “Get ready for anything, trade lawyer tells business community on NAFTA,” published by the Canadian Press, Lawyers Dan Ujczo and Brenda Swick discuss the growing uncertainty over the future of NAFTA and how businesses can prepare themselves if the U.S. walks away from a deal.

“The first step is for companies to understand this is very real and that they need to start contingency planning,” said Dan Ujczo, an international trade lawyer specializing in Canada-U.S. matters.

Mr. Ujczo and Ms. Swick shared their views during an online presentation to businesses about the state of the NAFTA negotiations.

“I think they should stay put where they are right now, but they should be looking at plan B,” Ms. Swick said in an interview. She also said those back-up plans should include figuring out how a company would be effected if there was a new NAFTA, a bilateral agreement between Canada and the U.S., or no free trade agreement between the two countries at all.

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