Attorney Cynthia Moore Participates in MiBiz Roundtable on Healthcare Reform

July 31, 2017
Dickinson Wright Attorney Cynthia Moore participated in a health insurance roundtable presented by MiBiz and featured in the article “Cost should take center stage in health care debate, executives say.”

The roundtable said that federal lawmakers need to focus on what’s driving health care costs in America that in turn contributes to the rising cost of health coverage. They also said that health care needs more cost transparency and consumerism.

“As long as it’s coupled with the ability to make an informed health care decision,” said Ms. Moore in response to a question on whether America needs a little bit of tough love when it comes to the discussion of health and health care. “If we have those transparency tools so people can make an informed decision – and it would be great if those could be coupled with some measure of quality of care – if we could see both the cost and the quality coupled together, it’d be like consumer corporate health care and it would be fabulous.”

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