Attorney Bret Kravitz Quoted in Smart Business Article on Ohio's Medical Marijuana Law

May 5, 2017
In a recent article titled “Medical Marijuana: It’s Here. It’s Legal. What Business Leaders Need to Know,” published by Smart Business, Attorney Bret Kravitz comments on Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program.

House Bill 523 authorized a basic framework – legalized medical marijuana for qualifying medical conditions, but prohibited its use by smoking or combustion – and made Ohio one of 28 states to establish a public medical marijuana program.

The state-issued licenses for cultivation, processing, laboratories and dispensaries will be tied to real estate.

“From a landlord’s perspective, you don’t want to be in a position where you’re leasing to, let’s say, a dispensary and all of the sudden they lose their license,” said Mr. Kravitz, who works in the firm’s Columbus office.

Mr. Kravitz is quoted extensively throughout the article on many facets of the program and opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

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