Toronto Lawyer Brenda Swick Comments on Softwood Lumber Trade for the Toronto Globe and Mail

March 17, 2016
During the Canadian Prime Minister’s visit to the U.S. last week, the softwood lumber dispute stepped back into the spotlight. Toronto Lawyer Brenda Swick, who focuses on international trade and customs, spoke to the Toronto Globe and Mail for the article “PM’s Star Power Won’t Settle Softwood Fight”. (3/12/16)

The softwood lumber dispute, which has been going on since the 1980s, centers on the fact that the U.S. industry believes that Canadian lumber is subsidized by provincial governments. The most recent deal between the U.S. and Canada expired in October.

“What is the incentive for the U.S. industry to agree to a new deal now? Nothing,” says Ms. Swick. “Just think of the economics. As long as there is that payout on the American side, there won’t be a negotiated settlement.”

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