Lawyer Brenda Swick Comments on Softwood Lumber Dispute in the National Post

April 25, 2017
In the article “Softwood lumber dispute rears its head again as U.S. prepares to levy tariffs,” published in the National Post, Dickinson Wright LLP Lawyer Brenda Swick comments on the latest development in the U.S.-Canada softwood lumber dispute.

The U.S. Commerce Department is expected to slap a preliminary countervailing duty of around 20 percent on Canadian lumber shipments, in response to a complaint from U.S. lumber producers. The complaint says that Canada unfairly subsidizes its industry because producers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are able to source their timber from public lands.

“If history is any prediction, you’ll probably see those tariffs imposed on Tuesday,” Ms. Swick told the National Post.

U.S. lumber producers have long accused Canada of subsidizing its industry. The two countries put their disagreements on hold in 2006 when both countries agreed to a nine-year ceasefire on trade litigation.

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