Lawyer Alan Litwack Discusses M&A Cross-Border Deals with Canadian Lawyer

June 28, 2017
Toronto Lawyer Alan Litwack recently spoke to Canadian Lawyer for the article “Cross-border deals now the norm.”

The article discusses the latest trends in deal making that are slowly making their way from the U.S. to Canada. Developments in M&A including materiality scrapes, representation and warranty insurance and sandbagging provisions are showing up more in Canadian deals due to more open trade borders.

“When I first started practicing, most M&A deals were local,” says Mr. Litwack. “Most M&A was east-west; now, it’s mostly north-south.” Many buyers are large private equity funds, he says, and businesses in Canada have grown to such an extent that there just aren’t the Canadian buyers out there for them.

To read Mr. Litwack’s full comments on M&A trends in Canada, please click here.
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