MiBiz Health Insurance Roundtable Discussion on July 7, 2017

MiBiz Roundtable Discussion on Health Insurance

Advantage Benefits Group, 89 Monroe Center, Grand Rapids, MI
9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Cyndi Moore (Member and Practice Department Manager: Domestic Relations, Employee Benefits, Estate Planning, Gaming and Immigration) will participate in a private but on the record panel discussion with area opinion leaders on health insurance, trends, repeal/replace ACA. Additional panelists included Michigan Association of Health Plans, Advantage Benefits, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and Priority Health.

Here are the topics of conversation:

-          Thoughts on the present ACA, and the proposed ACHA and BCRA

-          What’s missing from the debate on the ACA and the proposed replacements?

-          What gets too much focus?  How does the debate need to change?

-          What’s the biggest understanding about health insurance today?

-          What are rates doing for 2018 and the rest if 2017?

-          What do you see emerging?  What are some of the newest tactics employers are using to contain costs?

-          What’s fading away?  What’s not used so much anymore?

-          What’s the next big thing?

For more information and registration information, please click here.

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Advantage Benefits Group
89 Monroe Center, Suite 200
Grand Rapids, Michigan


Registration Required