Why Us?

Dickinson Wright takes great pride in creating an environment – through people, technology, training and mentoring – where the “best and the brightest” want to work and have a chance to succeed. 

Our Environment

The professional and personal environment at Dickinson Wright provides lawyers with a collegial, courteous and respectful place to work. Here, “collegiality” is not just talk. It's reality. And we didn't just make up the concept yesterday. It's our tradition. It matters to us. Our lawyers thrive not only in their professional endeavors with their colleagues, but also in their personal relationships with each other.

Our actions speak louder than words: associates gather for firm-paid dinners at fine restaurants to share professional and personal experiences, partners meet every other month, and our practice groups meet monthly over lunch or breakfast. Other opportunities for our team members to get to know each other range from impromptu social events to an annual dinner for all lawyers that is held each November (and has been an annual event for more than 135 years).

In addition to being trusted advisors to their clients and leaders in the field of law, our lawyers are leaders in the communities in which they live and work. In any economic climate, Dickinson Wright will continue its commitment to pro bono legal services because we believe that service to our communities is always good business. 

Our People

We believe we're among the best because we hire smart, hardworking people who we know will share our commitment to excellence. We're justifiably proud of the wide range of people who have chosen to establish their legal careers and build their practices at Dickinson Wright.

At Dickinson Wright, you'll work with highly qualified, highly motivated colleagues and you'll be expected to do your share. But as you work, you'll find both senior partners and young associates working along with you. We work hard, and we do so as a team.

We pay attention to many things as we look for new lawyers - your academic achievements and credentials are important, of course. And if you're joining us laterally, we're particularly interested in your area of practice and business relationships. However, we're also interested in your personal background... in you as a lawyer and as an individual. A quick review of our roster reveals lawyers from every walk of life, from all of socio-economic, geographic and ethnic backgrounds. Our Recruitment Committee is reflective of this diversity.

Women and people of color make up an extremely important portion of our partnership and overall firm makeup. We're especially proud of our leadership in the area of minority recruitment and advancement, which has been nationally recognized. We consider our firm to be among the leaders in the nation when it comes to hiring, retaining and advancing minority lawyers, and we intend to stay there. 


Dickinson Wright offers professional technology staff, facilities, equipment and software support that are second to none. At the core of our legal environment is cutting-edge technology. We're ahead of the curve and we plan to stay there. All of our lawyers receive state-of-the-art equipment with everything they need for maximum productivity, along with training, on-site technology personnel and the help desk support they need to make the technology work for them.

Our secretarial staff and professional personnel are exceptional and provide the finest support services, as you would expect from a leading law firm.


Training has long been a priority at Dickinson Wright. Building on the strong academic and intellectual foundation gained from law school, we provide training on the key skills that clients require of the best lawyers in America. We teach advanced legal strategy and tactics that give our lawyers and our clients the advantage in the boardroom and in the courtroom. We educate our associates in the business of our clients and the business of our law firm so that all of our associates feel as if they have earned a "MBA" in the business of being a lawyer by the time they become a Member.

Our training program is structured based on practice area and experience level (1-3 years, 4-6 years, and 6+ years). For new lawyers and summer associates, we offer a number of "how to" courses that teach them the skills they need to succeed at Dickinson Wright and build and maintain client relationships.

To complement our in-house training, Dickinson Wright has partnered with the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE), which enables our lawyers to attend a great variety of educational programs. Most notably, during their first 9 months with the firm, new associates attend the ICLE Boot Camp: a 9 month comprehensive training program that receives rave reviews from its participants.

The firm also sends its associates to out-of-state seminars to hone their legal skills. The week- long Trial Advocacy Program in Boulder, Colorado is a particular favorite among litigation associates. Another favorite is the three-day Deposition Skills Workshop.

All of our courses are taught by top lawyers in their practice areas, by prominent judges, or sometimes by clients. We also hire outside professionals who offer training opportunities, perspectives, niches, or experiences that complement our training. The courses are a mix of presentations, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops.


As a complement to our training program, Dickinson Wright offers a formal mentoring program for new associates during their first two years with the firm. Each associate, whether fresh from law school or joining us laterally, is given two mentors -- a Junior Mentor and a Senior Mentor. The Junior Mentor is an associate who can best advise the new lawyer on practical day-to-day issues. The Senior Mentor is a Member who advises the new attorney on career planning and development, what it takes to become a Member, and the culture and history of the firm.

The mentoring program is designed to help new associates develop the necessary legal and professional skills for success and ensure a smooth integration into Dickinson Wright.

Note: For statistical and other relevant information, please see our NALP forms.

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