Firm Recruitment

Jason P. Klingensmith chairs the Recruitment Committee, which is responsible for selecting new associates to join the firm and monitoring their progress as they begin their careers with Dickinson Wright. Jason a Dickinson Wright member, has been with the firm since 2000.  He guides our new lawyers, applying his extensive insights into what it takes to thrive and excel at our law firm. If you’re thinking about applying for a position as an associate, you’ll be interested in Jason’s thoughts and experience working for Dickinson Wright which he discusses below.



What do you look for in a candidate for an associate position at Dickinson Wright?


For more than 135 years, Dickinson Wright has been successful due in large part to the people who make up our team. We pride ourselves on hiring intelligent, hardworking people who are committed to providing excellent legal counsel and the highest quality client service. Of course, a candidate’s academic career, prior work experience and other relevant credentials are key parts of the equation. However, we also look for that something special that I’d classify as motivation – motivation to learn, to face challenges and to do what it takes to help Dickinson Wright carry on our proud tradition of legal excellence.


What do you think makes Dickinson Wright such a special place to work, especially for someone who’s just starting or is early in his or her career?


I’d say it boils down to our people, our focus on mentoring and the environment we’ve created at Dickinson Wright. My role as chair of the Recruitment Committee isn’t just about selecting new associates to join the firm. I’m also committed to making sure they are successful from the start of their Dickinson Wright careers.

I believe that our formal mentoring program is exceptional, and really helps new associates understand how the firm works and what it takes to succeed. Matching each of our new associates with two mentors – one at the associate level and one who is a member of the firm – gives those new to the firm the support they need for everything from day-to-day issues to long-term career planning to the culture of our firm. And, as part of my role as chair of the Recruitment Committee, I make sure that each associate is paired with appropriate mentors and check in regularly with new associates to see how they are progressing.

Another great thing about Dickinson Wright is that we truly do “work hard and play hard.” On the work front, we strive to provide associates with exposure to many different practice areas and types of matters so they get a true sense of the wide range of industries we serve and legal counsel we provide. We also have a lot of fun; associates have the opportunity to participate in many different social activities – from baseball games to dinners to impromptu social events.

This really is a great place to practice law, and I’m proud to chair the committee that brings bright, creative and dedicated associates into Dickinson Wright. 

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