Trademark Protection for Music Clients

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A recording artist’s brand drives their entire career. It must be grown, nurtured – and protected. At the core of that brand is the recognition built up around an artist’s or band’s name, song and album titles, and any other words and phrases associated with the act. From the very start of a musician’s career, these must all be secured and protected by trademarks, which will ultimately distinguish them from other artists. Losing the right to use a trademark – or having it misused by another party – can cause irreparable harm to a recording artist’s image.

Billboard stars and emerging acts alike trust Dickinson Wright to carefully manage their valuable trademarks. We guide artists in choosing names based on trademark availability, and then register those marks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), appropriate state offices, and also international trademark registrars. Critically, our experienced intellectual property lawyers also counsel clients on how to use and defend their trademarks to preserve ownership. This is even more important in the era of social media. Recognizing these new challenges, we help clients protect their trademarks in all online uses, from domain names and social media handles, to those that are as yet unanticipated. When we discover misuse of a client’s trademark, we pursue remedies such as cease-and-desist orders and cancellation proceedings.

The work we do in this area includes:

• Counseling solo artists and bands on trademark screening, selection, and availability.
• Registering trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, appropriate state offices, and applicable international trademark registrars.
• Maintaining, monitoring, and enforcing client trademarks, including cease-and-desist orders and cancellation proceedings.
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