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Promotional items and clothing. Action figures and other toys. Even fast-food tie-ins. At Dickinson Wright, we understand that there is much more to a movie or television show than what gets shown on the screen. Sponsorships and licensing are now key components of the financial success of any production, large or small. Members of our Entertainment, Sports and Media group have spent their careers arranging and crafting these important deals for major and independent motion picture studios, television production companies and leading brands.

In addition to experience representing clients, many of our lawyers have spent time in-house, and bring a wealth of industry knowledge to the table. Every lawyer on the team understands what’s at stake for all parties, and works diligently to protect a client’s interests. This includes managing issues with respect to trademark and copyright, as well as policing unauthorized use and brand-napping. With a focused, strategic approach, we ensure these complex licensing arrangements are handled efficiently, with no detail overlooked.

Our work in this area includes:

• Representing major and independent movie studios, television production companies, advertisers and brands in arranging and crafting sponsorship and licensing agreements.
• Handling issues with respect to trademarks and copyrights.
• Ensuring compliance with advertising regulations from the FCC and other enforcement agencies, both state and federal.
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