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Our songwriter, publisher, and music administration clients keep our firm on the front lines of the music publishing and digital rights business each day. If you are a songwriter and you own part of your copyrights now, you are a publisher. Approximately 35 years after you assign your copyrights, you will retain the rights to any exploited and assigned (in general) copyrights, so you should educate yourself now on publisher’s rights. We are involved in educating our songwriters and publishers in areas that are particularly relevant to their growth and success. We help some songwriters with agreed upon introductions and have germinated a few #1’s through various introductions. Our experience in publishing extends to other areas of the world as we are actively involved in sub-publishing agreements, direct affiliations and foreign enforcements.

Our Services

• Songwriter representation agreements
• Sub-publishing agreements
• Quit-claim reassignments
• Termination of transfers reassignment strategies and estate planning implementation
• Placement and pitching agreements
• Catalog valuations
• Catalog marketing
• Catalog sales
• Catalog due diligence
• Publisher desktop and full audits
• Performance money comparisons
• Collective record label audits for mechanical and DPD sales
• Evaluations of marital dissolution agreements and royalty splits
• Assistance with settlements and release of royalties held due to demand letters
• Assistance with evaluating class action opt-in or opt-out decisions
• Assistance with calculation of economic damages in infringement actions
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