Music Publishing Operations & Administration

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Music publishing and administration form the backbone of our practice. They keep our firm on the front lines of the music, publishing, and digital rights business each day. We have represented many publishers and songwriters with regard to almost every aspect of their business lives - from initial song splits, co-writer indemnity agreements, publishing agreements, co-publishing agreements, catalog marketing, valuation, due-diligence, financing, and sales. There is no deal too creative or too complex for our team. We have been successful in establishing new and innovative deals throughout our career, which range from full and partial reversions to loan and lending agreements in exchange for copyrights or a security interest in them.

Our music publishing clients have sold in excess of 600 million units worldwide and counting. We have experience in foreign sub-pub agreements in all territories of the world, and our firm has regular attendance at MIDEM, the international music and publishing conference held each year in Cannes, France.

Our Services

• Mechanical license agreements (with all major labels and others)
• Digital Phonograph Download (DPD) agreements
• Digital streaming agreements
• Karaoke licensing
• Ringtone and ringback agreements
• Derivative licenses for movies and other songs
• Subpublishing agreements
• Foreign direct affiliation assistance
• Movie syncs
• TV syncs
• Pitching agreements
• Catalog valuations
• Performance money comparisons
• Collective record label audits for mechanical and DPD sales
• Evaluations of marital dissolution agreements and royalty splits
• Assistance with settlements and release of royalties held due to demand letters
• Assistance with evaluating class action opt-in or opt-out decisions
• Assistance with calculation of economic damages in infringement actions
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