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We have represented multi-million dollar facilities and have been involved with sales, bankruptcies, work-outs, and funding related to various studios and related studio businesses. The studio business has evolved more than any other facet of the music business in the last 10 years. With various digital solutions, garage tracks can now be radio-ready without the big tracking rooms; however, there is still a need for the large facilities that produce high-quality effects. 

Some of the work we have done with studios, engineers and owners has included:

  • Marketing studios and real estate with brokers 
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Rental agreements 
  • Stock purchase and/or real estate purchase agreements 
  • Speculation production agreements 
  • Terms of service agreements 
  • Assistance with liability and tape loss issues 
  • Assistance with collection issues on slow or no-pay clients 
  • Employee buy-outs of studios 
  • Membership interest or stock sale agreements and buy-sell agreements 
  • Incentive plans for key producers 
  • Hybrid studio rental agreements 
  • Television production agreements with studio and editor participation 
  • Film production agreements
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