Music & Copyright Litigation

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Disputes arise as part of doing business, and the music industry is no exception. For more than a quarter century, Dickinson Wright has served as trusted litigation counsel to major music labels and publishers, songwriters, and recording artists in a wide variety of issues. This includes disputes involving contracts, licensing, and intellectual property infringement. Having worked in the entertainment sector for so long, we deeply understand the day-to-day business realities our clients face. Whether it’s seeking a favorable settlement through mediation or taking a case through a trial or arbitration, we find the best possible solutions for our clients that meet their overall business goals.

Dickinson Wright is known throughout the music industry as a go-to firm for copyright litigation. We serve as tenacious advocates for our clients in bringing and defending against copyright infringement litigation involving musical compositions across the full spectrum of genres. Our firm is widely known for litigating the rights to pre-1972 sound recordings, which are not covered by copyright law. We are at the forefront of protecting our clients’ rights in this new, uncharted, digital era regarding illegal music downloading, sharing and streaming. This includes pursuing cases of infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Our work in this area includes:

• Representing music labels, publishers, songwriters, and recording artists in a wide range of disputes involving contracts, licensing and intellectual property.
• Offering a full range of litigation services, from analyzing a potential claim to seeing a case through to trial.
• Exploring alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration or mediation.
• Defending and prosecuting copyright infringement litigation.
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