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The indie record label is really becoming the funding partner for new acts. These labels are many times manager, business manager, promotion head, tour manager, marketer and agent for the indie artist. Participation in the career of the artist in a fair and transparent manner is the new model for the indie record world. We have worked with many labels and distributors to come up with fair agreements and distribution models for our clients. Many times, we will work with funding and finance partners during start-up and second-round funding. We have also participated in master catalog sales from presentation, draft of the letter of intent, binding deal memo and long form closing stages. 

Below are some examples of the work that out firm has done in this area: 

  • Structure and funding of the label with key employees, key artists and investors 
  • Key employee agreements 
  • Artist agreements 
  • Label management agreements 
  • Label placement and/or agent agreements 
  • Valuations of master catalogs 
  • Distribution agreements between majors and established independents 
  • Contribution to artist roll-out strategies, marketing and press plans 
  • Sales of label interest 
  • Wind-down of indies 
  • Bankruptcy strategies including purchase of catalogs through trustees and protection from artist bankruptcy strategies 
  • Audits of distributors
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