Contract Negotiation

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As a recording artist, whether it’s your very first contract with a label or the latest in a long, successful career, we know there’s a lot at stake. The lawyers in the Dickinson Wright Entertainment, Sports and Media group have spent decades drafting and negotiating recording contracts that protect the interests of our clients, both now and in the future. Having worked with both every major record label as well as with independents, we have deep experience with the personalities sitting across the table, and we understand what it takes to get a favorable deal done for our clients.

Trusted by stars topping the Billboard charts as well as by breakout artists on the rise, we partner with our clients through all phases of contract negotiation. Our lawyers approach each deal with an eye toward a recording artist’s entire career, anticipating what they might need well into the future. This means looking beyond setting album royalty rates and concert fees, to issues related to ancillary income – merchandise, sponsorships, commercials, and more. In this ever-changing era of social media, we also make sure our clients are protected when it comes to their valuable trademarks, domain names, website rights, and all online uses of their brand, both current and as yet unanticipated.

The work we do in this area includes:

• Negotiating and drafting demo deals, single deals, and album deals with major labels
• Handling multiple-album guarantee deals
• Renegotiating existing recording agreements
• Managing copyright and trademark agreements
• Negotiating and drafting producer agreements
• Handling management deals
• Drafting work-for-hire musician agreements
• Drafting and reviewing distribution agreements
• Reviewing and negotiating licensing agreements
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